Birth of an Ivoirian abroad

Birth of an Ivoirian abroad

Even when born abroad, a baby of Ivorian parents becomes automatically Ivorian and should apply for its first Ivorian passport at the regional Embassy of Côte d’Ivoire which is in Saudi Arabia.

Procedure to follow after the baby was born:

1 Within 40 days of the birth,

Register your child at the UAE authorities. All expatriates must get both, the Arabic and English birth certificate attested by the Ministry of Health (at Al Baraha Hospital, alsdoknown as Kuwaiti Hospital. Tel 04 271 00 00) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

-› you will be given an attestation of the baby ’s birth certificate. Get the attestation in Arabic and English.

Documentation to be presented:

  • Passport of both parents (original and copy)
  • Marriage certificate (original and copy) translated into Arabic
  • 2 Apply for a Ivorian birth certificate at the Embassy in Saudi Arabia:

  • the baby's birth certificate, attested by Ministry of Health in English (to be translated in French)
  • Passport of both parents (copy)
  • Marriage certificate (copy)
  • one photo of the infant ,the eyes of the infant have to be open
  • 90 Riyals
  • The documents can be sent directly to the embassy or through the Consulate.
  • Since all new passports are issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Abijan, so the processing time will be approximately 30 days.

    3 Within 120 days of the birth, apply for the UAE visa for the infant.